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Samuel Morthland

Houston, Texas Travel Agent

An independent agent with Future Travel Inc in Houston, TX,

Europe and Group Specialist

I began traveling in the US AirForce for 33 years to Europe, Asia, SE Asia and throughout the US by plan, train, bus, and car. I lived in Germany for over a year, Hawaii then a Territory for 3 years, and Vietnam for a year. I was a world-wide Inspector for the USAF for 3 years, visiting so many places I actually flew on every single Pan American Airway's Boeing 747. Visits included England, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Occupied Berlin, France, Norway, Azores, Japan, Okinawa, Formosa, Thailand, Vietnam, Guam , and even Midway Island. I loved every minute of new places, and old friends.

I became a Licensed Travel Agent in 2001 and have continued travel and now arranging travels for individuals and groups. I arranged US conventions for groups of up to 150 in Las Vegas, Branson, Biloxi-New Orleans, and San Antonio. I've arranged cruises for individuals for up to 28 days in the Med on Holland American, in the Gulf for a group of 20, individual couples for shorter cruises on Holland American and Princess Lines. My newest accomplishments are River cruises with Avalon taking 90 with me in 2010 on a marvelous 13-day vacation -Budapest to Prague, with follow-ons to England and Italy, a smaller group Zurich to Amsterdam and I am planning another 13-day Avalon cruise to Amsterdam and/or Cote d'Azur in 2013 for a similar ~90 guests.