Linda Mick

Pensacola, Florida Travel Agent

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Group Travel & At Sea Weddings-Honeymoons

Fishing Fun in Alaska
Fishing Fun in Alaska

I worked my way through college at Alamo Rent-a-car, Disney Contemporary Hotel and other travel related companies...decided i could to it better based on my "behind the counter" experience in the "travel business"

I enjoy introducing my clients who become friends to new experiences, have studied art history, archaeology, science...and especially fine dining.

Have over 130 countries visited, have been to many countries in Africa on safari, have searched for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi Desert Mongolia, visited Macchu Picchu and Puma Pungu in Peru and Bolivia, the Meditteranean-the Palace of Knossos on Crete was a favorite, Egypt-the pyramids and King Tut's exhibit, Israel-and the holy places, Moorea and Bora Bora in French Polynesia, Australia and New zealand (18days of backpacking staying in youth hostels)..rode hot air balloons and rode camels in both Australia and Africa, viewed tigers from elephantback in Nepal at Tigertops, visited Katmandu, and the palace cities of northern India on the Royal Train, river-rafted the Urubamba River in Peru, visited Mayan and Aztec pyramid sites in Guatemala and Mexico, visited the temple complexes in Borobadur Indonesia and Cambodia, visited the Pol Pot Museum in Cambodia and ate my way through Vietnam (great food!)

Enjoyed the priceless treasures in the Russian Impressionist collection in St Petersburg Russia, visited Catherine's Palace, experienced the Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany (5,000 attendees) in theatre, visited the Ngorogoro Crater in Kenya, spent 18days transiting China visiting the clay warrior dig in Xian, the Grand Canal, the lakes district, climbed the Great Wall, haggled like a bandit for silk scarves near the American embassy in Beijing, rode in the back of a mail truck to see the Mauri people of north island New Zealand and to see the mudpots and volcanic areas, traveled to the Hudson Bay area of  Northern Canada to visit the Inuit villages and view polar bears on an expedition ship, have cruised, toured and fished Alaska (have my pike and halibut pix to prove it)

Areas i hope to visit are the archaeological site of Gobekle Tepe in Turkey and Jordanian and Iranian archaeological sites, would like to do an indepth Japan trip am always looking for somewhere new to explore.

Recently did two wedding parties one on cruise ship and the other to a Beaches/Sandals resort in Turks and Caicos, have done international touring groups of up to 110 passengers.  Am familiar with most international cruise lines and have personally sailed them.  Am always looking for another good client to become a new friend :)