Liz Woods

Lake Oswego, Oregon Travel Agent

Uniglobe Spectrum Travel, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Alaska Born and Raised Expert

Born in Ketchikan, Alaska I grew up with a deep sense of community having 14 siblings and a family line that is 100% Tlingit Indian.

Yet my sense of home quickly expanded when I realized that even while traveling I could make lasting connections with people from all walks of life.

I have happily been doing so as a both a traveler and travel advisor for over 35 years.

When asked for my best travel advice, I first remind clients that the Internet isn’t prepared to save you money, I am! It’s my goal to provide the extra tips that help you book on the best days or get the best room because I know the system.

Next a personal secret: “send yourself a postcard everyday”. My family created a tradition of writing just a few sentences on a postcard at the end of each day to help us remember everything that happened and then we pop it in the mail. Upon returning home it’s an instant souvenir of the trip so we can relive it for many years.

In the moments where I’m not researching new destinations, you’ll find me crocheting purple baby hats for National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome (NCSBS).

My desire to give back and connect others flows over in my work, where I walk clients through each step of the travel process to have the best possible experience.

It’s fair to say my job is about more than booking a vacation, it’s about giving back. If you’re ready for a wonderful vacation contact me today.

35+ years experience

When I have down time, at work, I like to complete destination/product specialist programs ... it makes it so that the product is more familiar to me when a client asks.