Kelly Barnes

Lincolnton, North Carolina Travel Agent

An independent agent with Destinations to Explore in Jacksonville Beach, FL, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Florida Destinations, Disney, UOR, Cruises

Travel has always been a part of my life. Family vacations during my childhood created snapshots in my memory. Renting a RV to travel to Williamsburg, VA. Watching the fish through the panel on the glass bottom boat in St. Thomas. Donning raincoats to view Niagara Falls. Perched on my daddy's shoulders to see the fireworks in the Magic Kingdom is where my love for Disney began.

As an adult my travels continue to take me all across North America.  I've lived in 9 states and visited over 25 others. But my favorite place to visit.....FLORIDA!! It has something for everyone. Beaches, amusement parks, museums, gardens, cruises, sports, water activities and so much more. Picking a favorite can be hard. But if you ask? 

Well, I have to admit a permanent tag with "Destination: Walt Disney World" hangs from my luggage.  No matter what, my heart always returns there.  And now as a mother of 3, I've not only watched my children enjoy the magic of Disney from infants through their teenage years, but I've been able to experience so many of our nation's best family destinations with them too.

It was a dream come true when I was asked to become an agent.  As a travel agent I'm able to combine my love of travel, my fondness of planning and organizing, and my heart towards helping others, all into one.  In addition to the knowledge I've gained from my many travel experiences, I continue to do specialized training in the travel field.

I'm looking forward to helping you plan your next vacation. 

Florida Destinations Specialist

Vacations are more that just times away from routine. They’re fun, adventure, relaxation, new experiences, family time, and alone time all wrapped up in one.