Jay Dill

Wichita, Kansas Travel Agent

The Travel Junkie, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Caribbean All Inclusive Romance and Group Expert

Don't treat it like one. One size does not fit all. You are not like anyone else, so why would you want someone else's vacation? To travel is to live the life inside you. The one that grown-ups don't get to live very often. Even if it is just for a week. Get in touch with your wanderlust and see new things, go, taste, explore, experience the people, smells, the culture of a place you've never been. Sometimes, it is about romance. Sometimes, it's a little bit rock n roll. Only you know what the important factors are. Maybe you don't know where to start but I know how to help you find out. I have been in the travel industry since 2000 when I worked for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. In the past fifteen years we have traveled extensively to the top resorts and experiences throughout the Caribbean. My favorite destination is Jamaica and I have been personally over 12 times in the last 5 years. My wife, Becca and I have been agency owners since 2009 and have grown our business from the two of us to a staff of 6 agents. We love travel. It is all we do and we want to help you make your next vacation an unforgettable one. 


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