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Harriot Roberts

Orlando, Florida Travel Agent

Let's Travel Of Orlando Inc, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency


My name is Harriot, yes, with an “o” or better said I have a “riot” on the end of my first name. Travel has been in my blood from a very early age. According to my Mama, my first word was “air-pane.” But you know how Mama’s like to exaggerate about their children! While in college, I would pass a travel agency each weekend when walking to town. I decided that they needed help, well at least $20.00 dollars worth a week of MY help! Persistence paid and that was the beginning of my love affair with travel and my career as a travel agent. Ha, little did I know what a profound influence that early travel agency job would have on my future career choices and on my marriage partner! I have been in the travel industry since 1968. Most of those years have been spent as the co-owner of Let’s Travel, with my husband Tom. Additionally, I am a CTC, a certified travel counselor (I earned this designation in 1980). This designation is an earned one and is equivalent to a master’s degree in travel management and transportation. That doesn't mean that I don’t continue to learn something new every day. My specialty is group travel; tailor made independent itineraries worldwide; around the world journeys; and quality cruises. Most of all I love to make your travel dreams come true! My two favorite places on earth, besides home (I am a native of Orlando, a real rarity) is Scotland and the Czech Republic (this is where our son Tommy, his wife Katka and our grandbaby James live). My husband and I have two dogs, both of them were rescued. One is pure bred Labrador retriever, the duck hunting breed, named "LUCY". The other is named "COOKIE" she is a half breed Rottweiler/Labrador. Lucy was rescued from a puppy mill life and Cookie from a life of who knows what (Lucy picked Cookie out and is the mother figure still). Lucy's name came from my favorite comedian, Lucile Ball. Cookie’s name came from a childhood favorite comic strip, "Blondie and Dagwood". The Bumstead's had a daughter named Cookie, voila the name! Both of the girls are "purebred" lovers! My hobbies are drawing, designing, painting, sculpting, snooping at antique estate sales or flea markets and, of course, traveling. (PS I also design fashion jewelry handcrafted in the Czech Republic, sold only at the Polasek Museum in Winter Park. Polasek was a renowned Czech artist. Please visit their site www.polasek.org.)

A travel challenge always excites my creativity!
I don’t want to just book a trip; I want to help make a wonderful lasting memory to be recalled throughout your entire life.
Call me or e-mail your ideas to me….!

Here's what some of our clients have said about us

Guess where this is and call me!!!!
Guess where this is and call me!!!!

If you are concerned about attention to detail and going that extra mile for you, then you will want Harriot working in your travel corner. She does NOT disappoint!  - Doug B. Georgia

I'll never forget you getting us that beautiful suite in the Luna Hotel Baglioni in Venice on Easter weekend! Wow! Last Minute Miracle worker! - Ann J. Orlando, Fl.

For the past 20 years, Harriot and her team have booked all my business travel as well as my dream vacations including exotic cruises, international travel and the most important of them all, my honeymoon. Thank you Harriot! - Jeff M. Atlanta, GA