Susan Sinclair

Hackettstown, New Jersey Travel Agent
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Susan Sinclair

Hackettstown, New Jersey Travel Agent
Skyland World Travel, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency
Years of Experience: 25+
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My Journey

How far I traveled still need to pinch....Ephesus
How far I traveled still need to pinch....Ephesus

I have traveled for many years.  For a Sunday outing my father would take me to Newark airport.  We would watch the planes arriving and taking off and see the travelers going and coming.  I would say to my father "that will be me some day".

My first job was where my journey started.  The girls in my office thought it would be great to start traveling.  It was a cruise to Bahamas, a flight to Bermuda and spring break in Daytona.

Then I got married and my husband was in sales.  He would travel during the week and I stayed home with the baby. Then when the baby got older and we both started traveling with him.  First it was Niagara Falls, then Toronto and Montreal.

We moved to my husband's home office and I was off to conventions with him all over the USA and Canada.

A promotion to Vice President of Sales and now the territory was the world. My husband's Boss was very generous and said that my son and I could travel with Bob.  He would pay expenses and we would have to pay for the airfare for my son and myself.

Our first trip was to Australia and New Zealand.  I would map it out. We would fly to New Zealand first to meet with his distributors, then on to Australia.  On the way home we stopped in Hawaii for more visits to distributors.  He also had a trade show in San Francisco.  So we dropped off Bob and my son and I went home. I told my husband "I don't think I want to be a jetsetter any more".  From there it was Europe.

In our travels I always planned for family time on weekends.  When planning the trips I would map it out and drop it off to my travel advisor and she would fill it in with air, transfers, hotels, trains and tours. My travel advisor thought I would make a great travel advisor so off I went to a local night time class on how to be a Travel Advisor. By the end of the classes another girl and I were the only two left.  It was a lot of work to be a travel advisor but we loved it.

My first trip I planned was for my husband, his boss and wife and myself.  We were off to a convention in Paris.  The boss would stay at the convention hotel (expensive) and we would find a lower priced hotel to be near him.  After the convention he would be staying in the same hotel as us. 

It was my first trip to Paris and as on stood on the deck of the barge with all the conventioneers. I looked up and saw the Eiffel Tower I said to my husband "Pinch me. I am standing under the Eiffel Tower drinking champagne." It was the best time in Paris with the boss.  We laughed and had so much fun.

From there I would do all of the boss's business and family travel.  Plan meetings in foreign countries with distributors from all over Europe. The best was planning 2 incentives to Bermuda for a weekend with 200 distributors from the USA and international.  My first incentive I entered a contest in a Meeting and Incentive magazine for the best incentive in the Caribbean.  I won it and traveled to Austria and Switzerland and accepted my award in Geneva.

It was time now to be a full time travel advisor planning vacations for families and couples.  And one day I opened my own Travel Agency and never looked backed.  My life has flown by because it is my true passion and I love what I do and I am good at it.  For me my job is fun planning for clients to see the world or just take a short trip.

All those tours in all those places my son and I took while Bob worked, really paid off. For my family we have friends in England, Spain and Canada. I love the world and any place in it is a great place to see and meet the people.  They are just like you and me.....


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My Reviews

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something different

Reviewed By Turk101 - Hackettstown, NJ | Traveled to
I just wanted to get away. By “away” I wanted something other than a cruse or all-inclusive. As a single traveler I was interested in something different. I wanted experiences and culture. Susan came through with an outstanding tour company that provided what I was looking for.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Great ideas I never thought of

Reviewed By 2cats - New Jersey | Traveled to
We wanted to do something special for our 50th wedding anniversary. Susan was up to the task of planning just the perfect trip in the perfect location. We knew we wanted to do horseback riding and were disappointed to learn that the trip we wanted was already filled. What a surprise when she found another trip just like it at the same location but with a different agent. All the disappointed founds turned to smiles. Then she arranged an over-land trip to the second location instead of taking air transport. This allowed us to see more of the country and learn more about the culture of Belize. She also choose a seaside resort that was small, beautiful and perfect for the day of our special celebration. Everything was perfect!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
11 of 33 people found this review helpful
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