Anne Rose

Cameron Park, California Travel Agent

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Insider Travel Guide: Europe, Hawaii, Tahiti

Castles along the Rhine river in Germany are alway
Castles along the Rhine river in Germany are alway

To me, the most exciting thing about travel is how it exposes people to new ideas, new customs, new foods and new sights. Travel isn't just my job; it's my passion. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping clients to create trips that they'll remember fondly for a lifetime.

I began traveling as a young girl. A summer trip to a French island had me wanting to stay permanently. Since then, I have been to Europe more than 80 times, to Hawaii hundreds of times and to Canada, Tahiti, and Mexico countless timeless.

When I travel, I don't just lounge around.

  • I look for things that my clients might enjoy.
  • I walk through hotels.
  • I experiment with different modes of travel.
  • I seek out those restaurants, shops and off-the-beaten-path sights that truly make a vacation special.

I've been in the travel business for more than 15 years and consider myself an expert in Europe, Hawaii, Tahiti, and Mexico.

Expert is not a term I use lightly. To me, an expert is a collaborative consultant who has been to a destination multiple times and can offer insights that aren't found in any guidebook.

My most memorable trips are ones with singular experiences;

  • cheering with the locals as Queen Elizabeth’s yacht sailed down the Thames River during her Diamond Jubilee
  • zip lining through the lush tropical rainforests in Kauai
  • singing with the regulars at an Irish pub
  • strolling through Nuremberg’s Christmas Market while sampling fresh pretzels, gluhwein and other yummy treats 

It's those types of experiences I like to help create for my clients.

To start planning your own one-of-a-kind vacation experience, contact me today.