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Rosalyn Strand

Seattle, Washington Travel Agent
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Rosalyn Strand

Rosalyn Strand

Seattle, Washington Travel Agent
North Travel Service, Inc., a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency
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International Corporate & Leisure Specialist

Tell me where you want to go on your next adventure or let me know what intrigues you in life. I'll ask, listen, and then paint you a word picture of your vacation or trip. I draw in the details for you.

I use my hands-on experience and my education in airlines, destinations, and hotels to remove stress from your travel equation. You can depend on my insights and get more pleasure from your whole travel experience—from the planning to the journey itself.

I save you time, provide you the best value for your dollar, and guide you around potential pitfalls.

Sooe my favorite adventures in travel magic that I've planned include family weddings and anniversary gatherings in Italy. I've found perfect spots to while away your days in, with just the right accommodations, planned festive dinners, arranged private and group tours, chartered boats and yachts, private transfers, trains, ferries, and museum visits.

Another treasured client trip involved a newlywed senior couple skimming down the Sixaola River on the Costa Rican border with Panama in a small motor craft. From the boat, they then boarded a large basket to ascend by a rope and pulley system to a hillside retreat!

You may well opt for a more placid entry to the world of travel magic—and I can help you take an exquisitely tranquil trip. You could trek in Nepal or New Zealand, visit temples on sacred Chinese mountains, or ride elephants and delight in festivals filled with light, color, and sound in Thailand.

Want to taste the flavors of another culture? Try your hand at learning about exotic cuisines in cooking classes in Southeast Asia or Europe.

Perhaps you'd rather hike or bicycle across Tuscany or the Loire Valley. If you're a food enthusiast, you can enjoy fine dining while you make your leisurely way by river barge in one of several locales in France or Germany. Or explore the antiquities of classical Greece or the explosion of color, white sand, and warmth on a Greek island.

So many options await you. Get started planning today with a call or email to me!


Kindergartners Capture the spirit of Children's Da
Kindergartners Capture the spirit of Children's Da

"As usual, great recommendation for Barcelona." —DH

"Client wanted me to write... And tell you he's ecstatic with Dutch digs." —KG

"You rock, my dear. Always a pleasure doing business with you at the helm of our travel." —GG

"You made our travel adventures SO enjoyable and easy." —BD

"The hotel is fantastic and rooms are great." —MC

"The accommodations were extraordinary. The tour guides were very good as well, and added much local color to the experience. My brother and sister-in-law were very pleased." —TC


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