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Rosemary Guziejka

Aliso Viejo, California Travel Agent
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Rosemary Guziejka

Rosemary Guziejka

Aliso Viejo, California Travel Agent
Laugh Live Travel, a Travel Leaders Network Affiliate Agency
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Travel & Events for Individuals/Groups Worldwide!

Laugh Live Travel (“LLT”) is an EXCLUSIVE TRAVEL company who provides all tailor-made itineraries to your budget and preferences. We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our distinguished clientele.

We have over 17 years of professional experience in travel mostly luxury, event planning and concierge services at the corporate level, as well as individual luxury lifestyle-management services for personal clients around the globe.

In addition to LLT travel we offer event and concierge services. Laugh Love Events (“LLE”) experience in the industry includes management of some of the most successful events at top venues in:

  • Hollywood, Guanacaste, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Newport Beach, Williams Island, New York City, and more.

We arrange Travel services to some of the hippest destinations worldwide including:

  • Almafi Coast, Aruba, Auckland, Barcelona, Bora Bora, Cabo San Lucas, Carmel, Cartagena, Costa Rica, France, Japan (Kyoto, Hokkaido, Osaka, Tokyo) Las Vegas, Lima, London, Machu Picchu, Maui, Miami, Moorea, Napa, Paris, Rome, Spain, St. John and Tahiti – just to name a few.


Client Thank You's

"Rosemary helps my husband and I with all of our travel arrangements. Typically I would handle all of the travel planning myself but after having two very active kids, it can be challenging and stressful. Our last trip was to the One & Only Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas. I was so impressed how Rosemary thought of everything. As we checked in, the hotel gave us a stroller and had a crib ready with toys and baby bathing supplies. Our room was amazing! Before the Cabo trip, we took a road trip to Lake Tahoe. Again, not one complaint on the hotel. She has the best recommendations on where to stay and where to travel to. If you are really picky with hotels, like I am, LLT & LLE is the best to handle any of your travel needs."



My Reviews

Rating: 4.3 4 Reviews

Logistical snafu on honeymoon

Reviewed By Kimberly - Aliso Viejo | Traveled to
Rosemary didn't let us know up front that she works with an extremely limited list of hotels. For our honeymoon Rosemary was to give us ideas for 3 different places in our budget for a 12 day vacation. She gave us the prices for only the airfare and hotels, and all came in over budget and for only 10 days. When I asked if we could go with less expensive hotels that were not as fancy her response was that since they included breakfast that it would be about the same. I still didn't know that she was really trying very hard to just use the hotels in a limited network. I found out later we were paying $300 a night for hotels when we could have booked five star hotels online for half that. We said we wanted to go to Crete, Greece, which is a fairly popular tourist destination with thousands of hotels and we wanted to do specific activities, and Rosemary booked a very nice resort hotel.she also offered us some nice tours, but left out scuba because it wasn't in her network, she said we could arrange in country (i thought a travel agent was so we didn't need to plan in country). When we arrived, the hotel was great, but 3.5-5 hours from the activities she sent us! So we spent a stressful time booking another hotel on our own, and paid $300 for a night at the hotel we didn't use, because we didn't want to drive 3.5 hours to the 2 tours (10am-830pm) then drive back another 3.5 hours to the hotel. I asked if she knew all the activities were so far away, no reply. Come to find out, the tour company she uses only has 2 hotels in the island of Crete, so that's why she didn't book us into the cities and airport close to Chania, which is the most popular place to visit on the island. I could go on about other disappointments. I wish I had not spent $500 on these "travel services" and booked on my own, and spent that money on the honeymoon.
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Dedicated, thorough and very pleasant to work with!

Reviewed By Angie - Playa Del Rey, Ca | Traveled to
This review is long overdue, as I have been using LLT & LLE travel services for many years. As a busy business owner myself, I value and appreciate Rosemary’s superb, detailed and personalized service. Not only does she acknowledge my needs and wants, she also the best possible and most cost efficient ways to get there. I have had a few last minute trips and a few planned out trips, all have been perfect without any snags. Her organizational skills and attention to detail make her the best, along with her professional, yet very personable demeanor! I have recommended a few of my own clients to her as they travel extensively and so far, they are also so grateful to have found her. Working with Rosemary takes away the stress, confusion and hassle of travelling. In my benefit, her prices are lower then what they should be for what she delivers. This company is a “MUST”try and definitely the top in their field. Thank you!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Planning honeymoon to Greece and day off wedding planning

Reviewed By Kimberly - Orange county, California | Traveled to
Rosemary is very professional and has good processes and she is very responsive, and let us know ahead of time if she will be out of the country with delayed response.. She raises good points to consider. It seems that for the travel portion that she is restricted to using vendors in a certain network and if you don't use those vendors then you are a bit on your own for the planning, which is a bummer.
I would not recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Complicated Air Travel Simplified!

Reviewed By HLR3 - Whitinsville, MA | Traveled to
Rosemary was instrumental in the success of our Bahama vacation last Thanksgiving. Flying from MA to the small island of Eluthera was proving to be a real headache for us to put together on our own. We contacted Rosemary who eagerly took us under her wing and assured us she could piece it all together. Not only was she able to coordinate all our various connecting flights she also managed to apply some JetBlue credits to further reduce our costs. For a very little amount of money paid to her, she spent a lot of time working on our behalf, before, during and after our trip. Wonderful customer service and we would definitely refer her to anyone we know needing travel planning of any kind! We hope to work with her again in planning a future family vacation.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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