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Sherry Barbee

Merritt Island, Florida Travel Agent
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Sherry Barbee

Sherry Barbee

Merritt Island, Florida Travel Agent
An independent agent with KHM Travel Group in Brunswick, OH, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency
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Caribbean, Alaska and other area Cruise Specialist

Title: Over 9 years as Cruise Specialists

Do you know where the most comfortable cabins are on the cruise ship you're interested in taking? Or what hotels you should book before or after your cruise?
How to handle gratuities?

As an expert on cruises, I have the experience and knowledge to craft an amazing, seamless holiday package for you. I can find the best cabin available for your money and also navigate you through the online check-in process, arrange transfers to and from hotels both before and after your trip and also help you to find the excursions that will make your trip absolutely memorable.

Cruising has been my passion since 1994 when I took my first cruise with my family. Today, I have 15 under my belt, with plans to take many more.

One of the things I love best about cruising is that you can visit so many destinations during a single trip. And cruising is so easy. You just board your ship, unpack your suitcase once and then wake up at a new destination almost every day. 

One of the areas I specialize in is helping first-time cruisers. Recently, I had a client who was in tears trying to decide whether she should go on a cruise or to an all-inclusive resort. This particular woman had never traveled outside of the United States and was being bombarded with so much advice from various people that she was getting overwhelmed and confused. We sat down together, and I explained the different options available to her. We finally decided on a four-day cruise for her and six others. The group enjoyed themselves so much that some of them have come back to book other trips with me.

In addition to my traveling experience, I have also completed:
     • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's University of WOW program
     • Commodore Certified agent with Princess Cruise Lines
     • Freestyle Specialist with Norwegian Cruise Lines

When I'm not booking travel for others, I enjoy taking journeys with my own family. One of my favorite cruises was one that I took with my family to the Panama Canal and to Costa Rica.  It was truly an amazing adventure and inspires me daily to ensure your trips is just as wonderful.


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My Official "Go To" Agent

Reviewed By ncmays32 - Indiana | Traveled to
I had to pleasure of booking a cruise with Sherry for the first time in 2014. As of today, I have booked three cruises with Sherry. She is very professional and extremely well-informed in the area of travel. She's done an awesome job in keeping up with price drops for my bookings so I've always had some form of onboard credit. She's also been able to provide input on other US cities that I plan to visit. I will continue to do business with Sherry for a couple of reasons... She provides friendly, top-notch customer service and I feel more like an extended member of the family instead of a client.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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VIP Level Service

Reviewed By jwcarey - Georgia | Traveled to
There are two portions that describe Customer Focus - reacting and anticipating needs of your customers. Sherry performed both and made us fell like true VIP's when booking our Disney Cruise. There are way too many options and multiple things to consider when booking a Disney cruise by yourself. It was overwhelming for my family to handle on our own, so we reached out to Sherry. She asked us a few questions to understand our needs and then off she went....here comes information, alternatives, recommendations, watch outs, details regarding insurance, perfect location for your room, perfect dining times specific for our family...etc. One thing for sure is...Sherry knows cruises!!! I am convinced that our cruise would have been more expensive and less enjoyable if we had not booked through Sherry. She handled everything, and made the entire process much less stressful than I had originally anticipated. This may seem small, but to me her greatest attribute is the frequency of communication. She maintains communication with you through the entire process as well as afterwards to make sure everything is going well...said another way...she makes you feel like a VIP. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING HER!!!!!!!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Great Advice

Reviewed By Sally - Atlanta | Traveled to
Sherry booked our Disney Cruise and was so helpful. Once she answered all of our initial questions and booked the cruise it didn't end there. She sent over reminder of what to pack, what information to leave with family and helpful hints. You will receive some of this information from Disney itself but she always sent us reminders...and we needed them. She also told us special things to look for on the ship, etc. She txted us as we were leaving and followed-up to make sure we had a good time. I would definitely use her again. At first I thought, why not do it ourselves? But in the long run I am very, very happy we used her.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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