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Brian Nystedt

Minneapolis, Minnesota Travel Agent

New Departures, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

European Expert, River Cruises, China Master Agent

If travel isn't  fun, you're not doing it right.
If travel isn't fun, you're not doing it right.

I was named as a Travel Agent Top 25 All Star by Travel Agent Magazine. 

As it says in the article, "Brian is the poster-boy for the adage, 'it's not what you know, but who you know'." Get to know me, I know people.

I've been traveling since the age of 4 - a visitor to Europe at least annually for over 40 years and escorting people to Asia since 1985.

As a China Master Agent [which is a real honor ... there are only a handful in the U.S.], I can make sure you get the absolute MOST from your visit.

I personally curate and escort all of New Departures' "Exclusive Excursions" and my personal favorite destinations with "Private Label Travel Events". Over the decades I have introduced fellow travelers to the wonder and glory of London, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Budapest, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Bamberg, Trieste, Ljubljana, Bucharest, Rome, Venice, Sofia, Lyon, Nice, Amsterdam... just to name a few.

So if you desire first-hand expertise and access to the best travel experiences around the world, I'm at your beck-and-call.