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Albuquerque, New Mexico Travel Agent

An independent agent with LBAC Travel in Ronkonkoma, NY, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency


Greeting from Albuqueque, NM.   I'm a mom, wife and full on travel addict. This includes cruising, Disney World, DisneyLand, All-Inclusives and International Travels. As a child I remembering going to DisneyWorld with my parents and brother and its was so different then.  Their were only 2 parks to enjoy now you have 4 parks and so much more to explore while on property.  Truly magical when you can take your family to one of your favorite spots in the world and see it through their eyes.  As a child we didn't just go to DisneyWorld and Disneyland my parents were firm believes that school was important but also seeing the world and how others lives was going to make you a well rounded person.  And now my husband and I have taken on that philosophy for our daughter.  The world is a large place and is ready for everyone to explore. 

I believe every family derserves a dream vacation experience creating uniquely for them.  There is no one size fits all plan for the many options that are offered.  I'll help you navigate the myraid of choices to create the Dream Vacation for YOU.  I have experience planning vacations for families (grandparents, parent and children), couples (newlyweds or retired) and singles.  No matter what your needs are, I can help you create a one of a kind trip, full of magical memories.

Travel tip for you and your family....get lost...on purpose.  Get use to being lost and find the beauty in it.  Remember to enjoy the beauty along the way as well and keep in mind that you will not find this kind of excitement  and adventure if you follow the common routes.  My father was the best at getting us lost and now that I'm an adult I can appreciate it more.  We would have never expereinced thoss area if he hadn't taken a wrong turn.  We tell my daughter now it's always an adventure with the Parfet's

Let me hlep you make the most of all aspects of your magical vacation.  Together we can arrange an amazing trip, one that will have adventure, relaxation and plenty of family fun!!!


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Quick turnaround, Detail Oriented Travel Agent

Reviewed By Tracy - Texas | Traveled to
I have worked with Kathy on a couple of occasions. The first being a Disney experience and the second a Jackson Hole trip, visiting Yellowstone. Her quick turnaround made planning the trip something that was done and put away until it was time to get ready to leave. She was mindful of staying within our budget, which is always important when planning a trip. I like that she has a booklet of things to do and confirmations of all the places we were booked. Nothing was left to chance. I highly recommend Kathy for your next trip and especially your next trip to Disney!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Great travel Agent!

Reviewed By Great travel Agent! - New Mexico | Traveled to
Kathy has booked 3 trips for my family and I and several for my friends. She thinks of the little things that we I don’t. I had a situation where I was going to “Miss the Boat” literally. I left my passport on the copy machine at home and notice until I was in a hotel in Huston the morning I was supposed to disembark for Jamaica. I called Kathy at 7:00 am and told her my situation, she calmly told me it was going to be ok, let her make some calls. I sat in my room with my head in my hands and vary little hope of getting on the ship. Within an hour she had contacted associates and the cruise line and come up with a solution. I made the ship and had a great cruise. I do not recommend forgetting your important documents but if you do Kathy will work hard to get you through the crisis. She is the best!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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She took all the worries out of our minds and got the work done quickly and efficiently.

Reviewed By Edward - NewMexico | Traveled to
I was so very pleased with the trip Kathy scheduled for us. She knew all the small details and made sure we understood all that was available for the trip. We had a carefree trip without any glitches or set-backs. All activities on ship and on shore went smoothly. Thanks to Kathy we had a truly marvelous time. She is very conscientious and responsible and is an excellent communicator. She kept us updated continuously so we had no surprises to deal with. It was a pleasure to have Kathy work with us.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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