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Helja Talley, ACC

Plano, Texas Travel Agent
Helja Talley, ACC
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Helja Talley, ACC

Plano, Texas Travel Agent

Certified Travel Specialist, Cruise Specialist

With over 35 years of experience as a travel agent, most of them at the same location in Plano, Texas, I've made a career of using my knowledge of destinations, resorts and cruise ships to make a reality out of a client's vision. Each trip is special and different and each requires a different part of the expertise I've developed over the years. It is a joy to share my love of travel and knowledge of the world with the many people I come in contact with in my role as a advocate for clients.

My Travel Specialties

Europe & Scandinavia Specialist

I was born in Finland, speak Finnish and other languages. I've lived and traveled extensively in Europe and Scandinavia. My European education gave me a thorough knowledge of the geography and customs of the many European countries, which helps ... Read more from my Europe & Scandinavia Specialist bio.

Mexico Specialist

Mexico, our next door neighbor to the south, is an extremely popular destination for residents of Texas. The reasons are many: Location - You can fly to Cancun/Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas non-stop from DFW and be there ... Read more from my Mexico Specialist bio.
Sunset from Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas

Accredited Cruise Counselor, CTS

In my career as a travel agent I have booked literally hundreds of cruises to every corner of the world. Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, Canada, Baltics, South America, Galapagos, Antarctica, Africa, the Rhine River, the Danube River and more. There are so ... Read more from my Accredited Cruise Counselor, CTS bio.

My Travel Experiences

Cruise Ship Water Slide
Scenes from Cruising
Swimming with Dolphins
Scenes from Mexico
Summer in Scandinavia
Europe - Scandinavia

My Clients The World Cruisers

I come in contact with so many people who do so many things and go so many places. But one couple that I work with stands out as probably the most well traveled people that I know. Phil and Judy share a love of travel, in fact they met when, as ... Read more from my My Clients The World Cruisers story.

Swim with Dolphins? Me?

Swimming with the dolphins is something I get asked about a lot by many families. It's a very popular thing to do in Cancun/Riviera Maya and other beach destinations. When I was presented with the opportunity to swim with the dolphins MYSELF, I wasn't sure what to do. This is ... Read more from my Swim with Dolphins? Me? story.

From Teacher to Travel Agent

I started my working life as an English teacher (in Finland). In the summer I also worked for the ferry line that operated along the Scandinavian Coast. Working in travel was my "back up plan" in case teaching didn't work out. As a young woman vacationing in Majorca, I happened to ... Read more from my From Teacher to Travel Agent story.

My Reviews

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Group Thank You

Reviewed By Sharon D - Plano Texas | Traveled to Budapest ~ Hungary ~ Europe
Helja worked with our group of 12 people to plan our Danube River Cruise. We all had lots of questions and we took a while to decide which itinerary and date we wanted and Helja helped us a lot with this aspect of our planning. Once we were booked she made sure that a lot of details were covered, made sure we did everything we were supposed to and had all the necessary information about our airline flights and what to expect.

Our trip was wonderful and we are thankful we had Helja to act as a central contact person for all of our questions and to always know all the details of the trip. A huge thank you from all of us.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Helja Talley, ACC responded:
It was a pleasure working with you and your group. Looking forward to arranging your next trip. I'm sure you'll choose another exciting destination!
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Helja in Charge

Reviewed By Sharon B - Frisco TX | Traveled to Alaska ~ USA
I was referred to Helja Talley by a friend and co-Realtor who travels extensively. My husband and I were planning an Alaskan cruise, something on my husband's bucket list, and we talked his brother and sister-in-law into joining us. Helja took care of it all! The cruise departed from Vancouver, so we needed passports, airfare, hotels, a specific cabin on the ship, excursions (and everything else we could think of), and it went off without a single hiccup! We could not have been any happier. I have not tackled my bucket list yet, but I saw on her website that she handles river cruises as well. Helja will certainly be in charge of my next trip!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Always Good Trips

Reviewed By Robert C - Murphy Texas | Traveled to Ireland ~ Europe
Helya has been invaluable to us since we met in 2010. She knows the finer details of differences between airlines, tours, and hotels. She also knows how to ask questions of the various vendors that we wouldn't think to ask. The more complicated the trip, the better she is. She has arranged both an Ireland (2010) and Scotland (2017) all-inclusive trip for us, both of which were spectacular. In fact, she actually saved us money, compared to booking everything on our own. She is also extremely prompt in replying to our questions, by phone and email. We have recommended Helya to friends and colleagues, and they, too, have been very appreciative of her.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Best trip for sure

Reviewed By Sandra Perez - Plano Tx | Traveled to Cancun ~ Quintana Roo ~ Mexico
Helja was wonderful! She was so patient and helpful answering questions and giving suggestions. We will definitely use Helja on our next trip! Thanks
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Really Helpful

Reviewed By R Shenoy - Plano Texas | Traveled to Panama ~ Central America
Helja was really helpful with all the changes in our travel plans.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Helja Rocks as a Travel Agent

Reviewed By Linda & Phil H - Russellville, AR | Traveled to Europe
We first met Helja in 2000 when we were “shopping” for a travel agent. All of her recommendations were dead on right – time allocation for tours, worth/not worth the cost, must do/don’t waste your time, etc. Even more of a surprise to us, Helja set up time to meet after our trip for feedback on everything we had done while we were gone, whether she had set it up or not.

Since then, Helja has handled: Greek Islands and an Eastern Mediterranean cruise; Hawaii; Caribbean cruise 3 trips to Great Britain & the 2012 Olympics in London; Italian bus tour followed by a Western Mediterranean cruise; Italy and Sicily; Australia & New Zealand; Paris& Viking River Cruises.

We recently retired and moved to Arkansas. We plan on continuing our relationship with Helja. We would not consider leaving the United States or taking a major vacation anywhere unless Helja was involved in the planning. She always only a phone call away. Once again – she rocks!!!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Tops at Travel Leaders

Reviewed By Heather in the Highlands - Murphy, Texas | Traveled to Scotland ~ Europe
We have enjoyed planning trips with Helya since 2010. Her expertise and experience are superb. I don't think we have ever asked her a question, even about complicated overseas trips, that she was not able to answer promptly. She responds almost immediately by phone or email to our queries. She is also excellent at dealing with various airlines, hotels, and tour groups, saving us a great deal of money, while providing the best services. Even though we "do our own homework," her knowledge of different companies, and her flexibility in maneuvering through complicated dates and places, especially with foreign travel, have been invaluable to us. We have also recommended her to friends and colleagues, all of whom have been happy with her help and advice. We are a retired Foreign Service couple, and we have traveled the world: we give Helya our highest recommendation. Bon Voyage!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Absolutely THE BEST trip EVER!!

Reviewed By RVConnelly - Wills Point | Traveled to Bahamas ~ Caribbean
It was an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE working with Ms. Talley booking our last cruise! She is so considerate, kind, and professional. When we first contacted Ms. Talley, she helped us book our trip and she took care of EVERYTHING! She went above and beyond what we expected! While on our cruise for our 12th year wedding anniversary, we had the MOST WONDERFUL time, thanks to her informing them of the reason for our cruising! We cannot thank her enough for her hospitality and promptness! We cannot wait to book another cruise through her!! Thank you to Ms. Talley again, we appreciate you immensely!!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Trip was a Success

Reviewed By Brad W - Dallas TX | Traveled to Europe
My fiancee and I planned a trip to Europe. Like a lot of people we thought we could do the whole thing on our own. As law students we barely had enough time to eat and sleep, and it became apparent that we did not have the time to make all the arrangements for the things we wanted to do.

We sought advice from Helja Talley in the Plano office and she gave us a lot of information and suggestions about which order to do things in and what the best locations to stay were, how best to get around, sights to see, etc.

We ended up doing part of the trip on our own and Helja did the rest. The part we did was good. The part she did was excellent.

Thank you Helja.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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25 of 66 people found this review helpful

We Always Book with Helja

Reviewed By Anthony G. - Allen TX | Traveled to Cozumel ~ Quintana Roo ~ Mexico
I've been booking vacations with Helja for quite a while. My wife and I try to make an annual trip to Cozumel and we always arrange it with Helja in the Plano Travel Leaders office.

She knows what we like, she knows where we've stayed before, has all our information in her files. She knows about specials, new hotels we might like, the best prices and more. We have no reason to do anything else but call Helja when anything travel related comes up.

This coming year we'll be doing Cozumel again, this time with the kids and grandkids, and we are also going on our first River Cruise, booked with Helja.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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