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Jenna Ventresca

Columbus, Ohio Travel Agent

Uniglobe Travel Designers, Inc & Cruise, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Europe, Australia, and Beyond Vacation Planning

Koala Cuddles at the Australia Zoo
Koala Cuddles at the Australia Zoo

For over 9 years, I have been helping families, honeymooners, and more travel the world on their own terms! I entered the industry immediately after earning my degree in Hospitality Management Travel and Tourism. Since then, I have helped my clients to prepare their dream vacations while also going on excursions of my own all over the world.

I remember my client’s trips as fondly as I remember my own.

I’ll never forget preparing a wonderful trip through Australia and New Zealand for a family a few years back. Along with many exotic destinations, the family wanted a luxury tent in the dessert at the foot of Ayers Rock.  Of course I knew from personal experience how to also ensure they could hold Koala Bears, feed Kangaroos, cruise along Sydney Harbor, Taste local wines, and touch the Sydney Opera House.They loved their experience, and I am still satisfied that I helped to make it possible!

More recently, I had booked train tickets for my clients’ tour through France. When they arrived, the French workers went on strike and refused to issue new train tickets. However, since we had already booked their tickets, my clients were able to travel exactly as planned! This is the kind of service and assistance you simply won’t find booking online.

I am as excited about traveling today as I was when I first entered the industry. Nothing is more inspiring than experiencing a dream vacation come to life, and I love being part of the process to make it happen.

Since there are so many choices available, it can be difficult for consumers to find exactly what they’re looking for. With my knowledge of the industry, I can find the best resort for honeymoons, the best cruises for families, and the best all-inclusive tours for travelers of all ages.

If you have a dream vacation in mind, I am ready to make it happen!