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John Vallance

Seattle, Washington Travel Agent

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My favorite city - London!
My favorite city - London!

Finding a delightfully out-of-the-ordinary travel experience, communicating it to my clients, and then delivering it seamlessly is my Zen! When I generate excitement for your next travel experience, that great feeling is contagious for me and amazingly rewarding.

With client input, I not only remove the pain of travel planning, but also deliver the fun. Turn your planning over to me and you'll find yourself in good humor through all the phases of your adventure.

Extend the your trip with the joy of pre-trip anticipation, the assurance that comes with a professional planner while you are on the road, and the afterglow of a trip worth remembering. Let me inject more fun in your next travel venture.

You haven't lived until you've soaked in the magical waters of Iceland's Blue Lagoon. I've hankered for a return since the day I first stepped in that steaming water several years ago. Why not stop over between Icelandair flights the next time you head to Europe or return?

My wanderlust has taken me across Europe, from Italy to university study in Germany and pub crawls in London. In other regions, I've also played with the dolphins and soaked in the sun in the Hawaiian Islands and throughout the Caribbean and Mexican.

My American adventures have spanned the country, from California to Florida, from New Mexico to Pennsylvania. I'm ready to find the fun in your plans. Give me a call or send me an email today.