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Judith Gordon

Atlanta, Georgia Travel Agent

An independent agent with America's Travel Companies in Las Vegas, NV, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Creative Travel Consultant and Planner

Throughout my adult life and career as an “advanced practice nurse”, I’ve acquired valuable skills in listening, problem solving and interpersonal relations that have been useful in my career as an “independent”  travel agent. During and after my graduate education, I was fortunate to meet and become friends with many students from other parts of the U.S. and the world. My love for travel grew from the adventures and visits with those lifelong friends.
In my professional nursing career, I worked with refugee populations from predominantly African countries. In my attempt to understand my patient’s culture, I became interested in the continent of Africa and the African Diaspora (the communities inwhich people of African descent live throughout the world). I became more and more fascinated with other parts of the world through my contact with these international citizens.
Every opportunity I had, I began to travel--first throughout North America, then to parts of Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. When I retired from nursing, I had more time to devote to travel. So, I began my formal study of the travel industry as “act two” of my professional life. By attending seminars, conferences and interacting with other travel professionals, I have expanded my knowledge and gained the expertise needed to offer exciting vacation experiences to others.
It is my goal to help other explorers find fun, adventure and lifelong friendships through travel as I have.