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Kerry Selfridge

Hutchinson, Kansas Travel Agent
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Kerry Selfridge

Kerry Selfridge

Hutchinson, Kansas Travel Agent
Selfridge Travel, an independent agent with KHM Travel Group, OH, a Travel Leaders Network Affiliate Agency
Years of Experience: 4
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Exotic Destination and Cruise Specialist

As an expert in the cruise industry, I have worked with many travel agents to make life easier on them, their clients, and their client's families.

Travel Advisers have the honor to make your dreams come true. The way I like to put it, "Allow your heart to take you places you could never imagine." 

I have 3 years experience with a specific group. The group is a children's sports team. I have had to support for the families of each member as well as maintain a professional image for their gym and myself. The group travels 8 times a year, has a low budget, and always gets what they ask for.

I have been negotiating hotel reservations for 5 years. I do not settle. I make it my mission to get my clients what they want.

Cruise reservations are in need of constant attention. You need to find out visa and passport regulations. As your agent, it is my job to do constant research. This includes constant pricing research. As previously stated, I have worked with agents to make it all perfect in the past. This is where I found my passion for travel.

Flights are very important. Just because I do not like to fly, doesn't mean I don't fly. I am very familiar with airline trends, regulations, and terminology. As a consumer, when I have called airlines for help, they used jargon I did not understand. Let me help you with that.


On a personal level, I am a parent, a husband, and a son. I have 5 kids, 3 daughters, 1 step-daughter, and 1 step-son. We love to travel. My dream is to be able to have my kids work with me, while they go to college. I want them to chase their dreams, and I want to be able to provide them a living while they do that. My kids all agree this may not be an easy industry, but they want to learn it. My wife is in retail management. One day, I would like her to go to work, only because she wants to for something to keep her busy, not because she has to.

Why the travel industry?

Georgetown, Grand Cayman
Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Travel for me is a passion. I love everything about it. The most satisfying thing for me is getting pictures of my clients having the time of their life. When a family takes a trip, and the kids are smiling a genuine smile, it is amazing.

I am here to make all your expectations a reality.

My Reviews

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Will call again and again

Reviewed By SteveP - Hutchinson, KS | Traveled to Bahamas ~ Caribbean
Kerry was professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to get me answers and helped me make decisions on the best trip.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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