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Shreeni Odens

Plymouth, Minnesota Travel Agent

An independent agent with KHM Travel Group in Brunswick, OH, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Custom Travel Specialst

 Honesty and Integrity are my key personal and business values with attention to detail. I provide the ‘Best Value’ for my clients vacations. I know this is what I would be looking for in a travel agent if I were a customer.

My travel agency focuses on providing excellent customer service, while concentrating on my clients’ unique vacation needs and budgets. Unlike an Online Booking Website, where you will need to speak with different representatives each time you call, you will have one contact point with me and you will receive personal attention from me for your questions and travel requirements.

My focus is on Adult travel, Multi Generational Travel, Solo Travel, and Women’s Travel, with emphasize on Customized Unique Exotic Travel Destinations.I know this is where I am able to provide the best assistance for customers.I provide assistance in International and Domestic vacation planning with a focus on Bespoke Travel Experiences.I specialize in travel to Sri Lanka & the Maldives Islands, Myanmar, Laos, Bhutan with a concentration on Bespoke, Private-Guided tours, Ayurveda & Wellness, and Light Adventure Travel.

I work with reputable tour operators who are proven travel suppliers. I am secure in the knowledge my customers are well taken care of. I build rapport with business development managers for the Suppliers. If there is an issue with a customer before, during or after travel, I am able to provide the best possible solution to the issue.

In addition to traveling to many of the most unique destinations myself, and being originally from Sri Lanka, I work closely with many reputable tour operators some of which are in country tour operators who have all the local information and logistics required to provide you with the best possible experience. 




"I booked my trip to the Galapagos Islands with Shreeni - and it was a fabulous experience; both working with Shreeni and the trip she selected. As a solo traveler, Linblad National Geographic made me feel very safe and included. Visiting the Galapagos was like stepping into another world - where people can intimately interact with the wildlife. We watched blue footed boobies doing their mating dance, a sea lion being born, and I got to dive with a hammerhead shark! Shreeni helped me find flights (which I booked) and travel insurance (which I also booked and used for an interrupted excursion). There were no fees for her services for her committed assistance. I knew she would be my advocate in the States if any problems had arisen with my trip/flights while I was overseas.
Thank you Shreeni - I look forward to working with you again".

Bonnie Jean - Minnesota



"White Gold Travel and Shreeni are an absolute delight to work with.........her attention to detail and luxury were impaccable. When you couple luxury with cost effectiveness, Shreeni wins the award for strategic luxury travel planning! She has organized many trips for us- the most recent being a relaxing cruise on Celebrity- Reflection to the Caribbean via Miami. What a trip- we came back totally relaxed, Shreeni paid attention to every detail on the trip from celebration cakes, wines and attentive butler service via the Ritz Carlton and Celebrity. Shreeni is our travel agent of choice!!!"

Sukumar Nagendran MD
Chief Medical Officer, AveXis Inc - New Jersey



"The thing I most liked about working with you is that it seems you truly do care about what you do. We weren't just a client to you. You were always upfront with everything, always tried to find every answer out you could and if you didn't know the answer you would take the time to get the answer for us. You cared about how much we were enjoying Italy. You cared about how out travel went both to Italy and back. All in all you cared about every aspect of our trip".

Louis V - Minnesota




One on one interaction with Sri Lanka School Kids!
One on one interaction with Sri Lanka School Kids!


My heartfelt thanks to you, Shreeni, for the amazing trip you arranged for us to Sri Lanka in February. Although we were able to spend only 8 days there, the thoughtful and expert itinerary you developed for us allowed us to see so many different parts and aspects of the beautiful country, each area only more beautiful than the last. Our accommodations ranged from very good to superb, and due to the exquisite nature of the Sri Lankan people, the service wherever we went was always outstanding -

Joan M - Minnesota



My Reviews

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Trip and Customer Travel EXCELLENCE

Reviewed By Gene Master - NJ | Traveled to Cuba ~ Caribbean
Passionate, focused, great attention to detail and wants the customer to truly experience the travel experience.

Her trip planning, initiation, timeline and appropriate cost focus, execution and f/up & closure on the trip are truly exceptional.

Our recent trip to Cuba followed all the principlas above!

I would recommend Shreeni to all discerning travellers!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Shreeni Odens responded:
Thanks so much for the great review on my services to you and your family and friends on your trip to Cuba. Yes, I am truly passionate about providing the best possible travel experience for the best value for my clients, and I am so glad you could see it in me. Looking forward to helping you with exceptional future travel experiences. Shreeni
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An unbelievably awesome experience

Reviewed By Matt - Minneapolis, MN | Traveled to Italy ~ Europe
It was an absolute pleasure working with Shreeni! She took all of the stress and hard work out of planning our vacation, found an amazing tour for us that I never would have known about otherwise and enabled our travel to and from our destination to go as smoothly as possible. Shreeni was incredibly easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. This was the first time planning an international trip myself and I can honestly say because of Shreeni it went as well as it could have possibly gone.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Shreeni Odens responded:
Thanks so much Matt! It was truly my absolute pleasure working with you on your trip to Italy. It's wonderful to know you had an amazing time on your vacation. Thanks for sharing your travel pics with me - what an amazing trip you have had!!! Looking forward to making more wonderful travel memories for you in the future! Shreeni
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Shreeni Odens is the Best!

Reviewed By nerve doctor - Washington, DC | Traveled to
Shreeni is completely interested and invested in each of her clients. No request is too much for her: special meals, hotel questions, etc are all met with pleasant and helpful responses. Shreeni follows up with flights and other details and has even helped us with problems related to delays in transit. It is comforting and most enjoyable to have Shreeni involved in our travel plans. Last year we traveled to Eastern Europe with private tours and between cities by first class train. This year we joined a group tour in Madrid and Andalucia. Each trip, whether individual or group based has been impeccably managed.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Shreeni Odens responded:
Thanks Robin for the great review. It was my absolute pleasure to help you with your travel plans. Hoping someday you will make that trip to Sri Lanka; the teardrop in the Indian Ocean! I look forward to helping you with any future private guided custom tours to exceptional travel destinations! Shreeni
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Cruising on Celebrity was as fabulous as she said!

Reviewed By Anne - New Jersey | Traveled to
Shreeni Odens is arranging our upcoming trip to Sri lanka in August. She does all the detailed planning and comes up with great options on our itinerary for us to decide. Attention to detail is her primary focus and she follows up with us after our trip. She communicates with us whilst we are on our trip just to make sure everything is going well. I recommend her as a very good travel agent!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Shreeni Odens responded:
Thanks for the wonderful review. I am so glad you had a wonderful cruise on Celebrity Reflection! It was my pleasure to make sure you had a wonderful experience on your first cruise. It was also my pleasure to have arranged a customized travel experience to Sri Lanka for you and your family. Looking forward to helping you with making more wonderful travel memories in the future! Shreeni
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Attention To Detail Made it More Enjoyable

Reviewed By Montessori Director - Bloomington, MN | Traveled to
We had a very enjoyable customized trip that was great from Day One! I told her I was celebrating my birthday on this trip, and a Welcome Gift was waiting for me at multiple destinations during our trip. The tour guides, vehicles and tours were excellent. Shreeni from White Gold Travel did a great job at making our dream vacation a reality!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Shreeni Odens responded:
Thank you for your lovely review. It was my pleasure to make your trip as memorable as I could for you. So, happy to see you had a wonderful time. Looking forward to helping you with making more wonderful travel memories in the future! Shreeni
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