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Michelle Kuester

Wautoma, Wisconsin Travel Agent

An independent agent with Dugan's Travels in Los Alamos, NM, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Customized Vacation Experiences

One of many beaches I can recommend!
One of many beaches I can recommend!

DON'T GO ONLINE and just book a 'trip'.


Affordable cruises, all-inclusive resorts and vacation

packages for couples, families, groups and individuals.

Offering personalized vacation planning with a real person
at no added cost. - No Booking fees!

We do the work- so you can relax.

Surf and Shore Travel is not a call center for "big box travel" but is JUST AS Competitive.
You will not be connected with an order taker, but with an experienced travel agent to help you plan YOUR vacation!

Serving Wisconsin and all 50 States.

Why Use a Travel Agent?

In today's web-accessed environment- when a person can just go online
and book a trip, why bother using an agent?

1) It's Cool. Doesn't it sound nice to say, "My Agent is working on it." ?

2) There is SO MUCH out there - YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE. Why use YOUR
time, when you can trust YOUR agent will find the best vacation that fits
your personalized criteria?

3) Max Convenience: You call Surf and Shore Travel, you describe what
YOU want in a vacation- and Surf and Shore Travel does the rest.
You? Sit back and relax. You have better things to do than
hang out on the Web all day.

4) Assurance- You can relax knowing you got there.
You got a great price. For a wonderful trip.
And it didn't cost you one cent more to
hire YOUR Agent to do all this for YOU!
You are on vacation. Enjoy.

5) Support- IF something comes up during your vacation,
just call, and Surf and Shore Travel will take care of it all.
YOU can just sit back in your lounger with a tropical drink
knowing Surf and Shore Travel has your back.
Sit back- we'll take care of any glitch.
You don't have time to waste your day in a hotel office.
You're on vacation!
Let Surf and Shore Travel do the "fixing" for you!