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Debbie Linder

Nashville, Tennessee Travel Agent
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Debbie Linder

Debbie Linder

Nashville, Tennessee Travel Agent
An independent agent with Nexion, LLC in Irving, TX, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency
Years of Experience: 25+
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Luxury travel, river cruise & vacation specialist

I was born in Chicago and eventually moved to the western suburbs. We traveled quite extensively as a family and I was always looking forward to the next trip. So I was hooked at a very young age. I started in travel and worked for a leisure agency for 20 years. Totally by surprise and out of the blue I was contacted by a Corporate agency with over 35 million in sales to open, develop and run a new division of their agency geared toward vacation travel. It was an amazing job! My knowledge and expertise really took off with the vacation side for their agency. 

I have an extensive following so with my "regulars" and now all of these endless new clients I was seeing burnout. After several years,  I decided to open my own agency and create the business I wanted. Golden Travel Inc was born. Yes, the name is a tribute to my love of Golden Retriever's!

For 25 years I worked extensively with the 101st Airborne to organize a local "get together" in their area.  They were a group like no other and loved to talk of their experiences, some of my phone calls lasted hours! Once a year we would arrange a group trip with their children and even grand children back to Bastogne and Normandy where we had several wreath ceremonies to commemorate those that were lost and also private events where they could rebond year after year. Many of them had made friends with locals during the war and wanted to go back to visit them. Maybe they just offered them a cup of coffee during the night, but they never forgot. We made that happen, time and time again. In the early years, several made the jump on to the beaches in Normandy. As they got older and less were able to do that, we had 1 jumper that in his mid 90's made the jump onto the beach every year. I remember he told me,  "parachutes had come a long way" I could feel the smile on his face. 

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating the dream. 

I have been a travel professional for 42 years and  love my job.

My areas of expertise include but is not limited to:

  • Europe
  • River Cruises
  • South America
  • African Safaris
  • Egypt
  • Galapagos
  • Machu Picchu
  • Russia
  • Mexico/Caribbean
  • All inclusive resorts
  • Ocean Cruises
  • Customized European Tours 

Whether you travel as a single, couple or groups of friends and family I can customize your journey to include highlights of each destination but also the hidden gems that you don't read about in a brochure. My reputation is about details and custom itineraries. 

I am foodie, so taking food tours and cooking classes all over the world I find that food is the breakthrough for each destination. Its a great start on the local culture and the back round of food is what makes each country so unique. If you really want to dive in to the local way of life, I can arrange dinner with a  local at their home almost anywhere in the world. That's a once in a lifetime experience!

In our first meeting we will discuss what excites you about travel and then I will work out a truly unique itinerary that highlights all of your desires. We will work things out at a leisurely pace so you have time to wander and explore on your journey. 

We provide a beautiful itinerary for all of our clients on all of their travels. We provide this on our app but also as a PDF if you prefer to have things printed. 

I feel so fortunate that I have spent my life travelling. There are still those that say, "when I retire" or "someday". Now more than ever in this new world we are living in, we see that tomorrow is not like yesterday. We've all spent a year of our lives basically putting that dream on hold. Its just lost time. So when we can get going again, lets do it - DON'T PUT OFF THAT DREAM!

As your travel professional the first item I want to talk about with you, will be having  the proper documentation for your travel. If you don't have a passport and you need it for your destination then we need to get that going. Passport expiration dates are extremely important as different countries have different rules.  We monitor  entry and exit requirements for your travel travel throughout the world. 

Passport, inoculations and visas can change and we are always on top of that. Now more than ever with COVID countries entry and exit requirements are changing daily. This is a  changing environment and you need a professional to help navigate  this changing world.

I have already had clients that had to change up their last minute plans to get COVID testing when it wasn't required 3 days ago. Hopefully it will get easier but until then I've got your back!

Luxury you say?

Here I am in Galapagos with a Sea Lion sunning!
Here I am in Galapagos with a Sea Lion sunning!

Well by definition, LUXURY is indulgence in and enjoyment of rich, comfortable and sumptuous living.

Everyone strives to live their best lives and live comfortably. When we travel we want that notch up of our LUXURY,  better than we have it at home. Maybe it's a room with a view, room service, spa services or an amazing culinary experience.  

It doesn't have to be the Four Seasons (but it can be!) but it has to be something that is etched in your memories and when you get home you can't wait to talk about it. 

We provide that to every client, every time and on every itinerary - worldwide.

Ready to find your LUXURY? Then let's make that happen!


Certified ASTA Travel Agent
Book with Confidence

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My Reviews

Rating: 5 4 Reviews

Really good trip...

Reviewed By Zach - Bentonville, AR | Traveled to Mexico
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Everything was perfect

Reviewed By Pat - Nashville | Traveled to Mexico
Debbie was awesome with this trip. She's our go to girl. All her Covid 19 testing guidance to come home was spot on. It really eased our concerns. Mexico was amazing and everyone respected one another.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Debbie Linder responded:
Thank you so much Pat, we appreciate you! Looking forward to our next big "thing"
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Skiing in Telluride was awesome!

Reviewed By Derek - Bentonville, Arkansas | Traveled to Telluride ~ Colorado ~ USA
Debbie was outstanding - responsive to questions and quick to address concerns.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Debbie Linder responded:
Thank you Derek! I am so happy you had such a great time and the "girls" got on the slopes too! We appreciate your business!
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Best trip ever!

Reviewed By Maggie - Chicago, IL | Traveled to Galapagos Islands ~ Ecuador ~ South America
We were looking for something out of the ordinary having booked several trips to Europe, Australia and Mexico with Debbie in the past 25 years. We were 2 couples and that is always a little more difficult to make decisions. We conferenced with Debbie and after lots of questions from all sides, Debbie suggested the Galapagos.. Not a place that was on our radar. Once we were booked and set with dates, the anticipation grew daily. She suggested every detail of the trip and we really followed her suggestions. A few days in Lima before and that was perfect. An easy city to navigate and wonderful weather. We did the northern loop which was a 7 day trip on Celebrity Cruises and saw more marine life that we could imagine. Everything was included so we had an amazing time with friends and no decisions to be made while travelling. The touring was with highly qualified guides. We swam with sharks which was never part of our life goal!

Cant wait to see what Debbie suggests next for u
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Debbie Linder responded:
Well thank you so much. There isn't a part of my job that is more fulfilling than to suggest a trip a lifetime that is the trip of a lifetime!. Glad you took the time to check things of the bucket list that we never knew should have been there from day 1
0 of 1 people found this review helpful
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My Travel Experience

Places I’ve personally traveled to or destinations I’ve booked for my clients.

Customer Testimonials


Debbie planned my sons wedding on a cruise. She took care of all the stress of 40 passengers and it turn out beautiful.

Provided by Jim Putong

Family Travel Aruba

Debbie did an excellent job putting a recent family trip together for us. Thorough, great communication - follow up and detail! We would highly recommend

Provided by Susan Hazen

Caribbean and Mexico

I have been on several vacations that were booked with Golden Travel Inc and am in the process of planning more! Always helpful, personable and always listens to just what I'm looking for. I highly recommend this travel agent!!

Provided by Karla A Koivisto Rogers

Paris Engagement

My now fiancé Chris and I (got engaged on the lovely trip Debbie planned) decided to go to Paris less than 2 months before we were leaving!! We got connected with Debbie and she made a potentially overwhelming planning experience seemless and enjoyable! Debbie handled all the back end planning and helped us bring the vision for our dream Paris trip to life! The trip was unbelievable and she was so helpful throughout the entire process

Provided by Lindsey Mango


Debbie is so dedicated. Wouldn’t travel without her expertise.

Provided by Chris Kruse Putong

Our trip to Greece

Debbie helped us plan our dream vacation to Greece! It was our first trip to Europe! Not only did she help me get the hotels/amenities we wanted, she was so patient with all my endless questions and emails! She was there for us every step of the way! Even made sure our flights were on time and we checked in! The personal touch Debbie gave us is why I will recommend her to my family and everyone else! 100% satisfied!

Provided by Michelle Deanne