Frances Liao

North Wales, Pennsylvania Travel Agent

An independent agent with Cruises & Tours, Unlimited in Jacksonville, FL, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency

Asia and River Cruise Travel Specialist

My curiously about the world is part of what makes me an excellent travel agent.

I’m always seeking out new information from cruise lines, resorts, tourism boards and agencies to ensure that I can provide you the best value for your budget by knowing all the little details that you could never find spending hours on the Internet.

I call what I do collaboration because each trip is truly a mixture of your desires and my knowledge. Growing up in China and traveling throughout Asia and Europe (Japan, Macao, Hong Kong, Greece, Italy and more!), I have firsthand knowledge of the places and tours that will allow you to be immersed in the artistry and culture of the region.

Additionally after touring Europe I can quickly put together a culinary tour for any taste. Or a European River cruise which allows you to take in so many of the wonderful places I've seen! 

From cruising to all-inclusive beach resorts, I will go the extra mile to ensure your vacation is a success and you get the most for your money.