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Tricia Bischoff

Troy, Michigan Travel Agent

Travel Consultant

I have a true passion for travel. As I am coming home from a destination, I find myself thinking, “Where can I go next?”

I have been a travel consultant since 2007. I can speak of personal travel experiences from many trips the world over, including the Caribbean, Hawaii, Western Europe and Africa. I have organized many Destination weddings, family reunions, baby-moons, which all have become an important place in my portfolio.

In addition to my personal experiences. I take many classes and courses and attend many seminars to increase my knowledge of travel destinations. It is important to constantly keep updated on changes and renovations that are taking place.

I feel it's imperative in helping my clients determine which destination suits them best. With every reservation that I make, I give special attention to exactly what my clients are looking for and what is important to them. Excellent beach? Activities? Great food? Relaxation? Let me know and I will tell you what the sand in Punta Cana feels like between your toes, I will describe to you what true Gelato in Rome tastes like in. I can tell you how amazing the sunset is on Maui, and tell you how amazing the coffee is in Costa Rica.

Many people today have a “bucket list” which hold a list of dream vacations such as Hawaii, Europe and other far off exotic places. I can help with all of these plans by putting together the perfect trip for you