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Christine Schwartz

Marietta, Georgia Travel Agent
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Christine Schwartz

Christine Schwartz

Marietta, Georgia Travel Agent
Experience Results Inc, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency
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Custom Designers of Travels and Events

I've had a career that many people envy. I've provided corporate incentive travel for Fortune 500 corporations and their executives for the past two decades. My passion for finding creative and unique travel experiences has allowed me to travel the world while getting paid!

My extensive travel experiences provided my agency with an appointment to the Brand Atlanta campaign, a consortium of public and private members that launched the new image and campaign to develop tourism for the City of Atlanta. Serving as the corporate integration director for Brand Atlanta allowed me an intimate glimpse into the supplier side of the travel industry.

I enjoy helping my clients find the perfect fit for their specific travels and believe if you are going to do something once, do it right!

I've been awarded American Express Travel Insider status, along with Top 120 Luxury Travel Specialist in 2017 and Travel Weekly Ambassador for 2018, of which I am so proud of!

There are so many choices out there and it's so satisfying to see my clients get excited about the vacations we plan.

I've traveled the world, both professionally and personally, experiencing travel at it's finest. But-when I need an escape-I am a St. Barth's girl. Boarding Arnaud's private yacht, blasting some Phil Collins and snacking on French cuisine can make any problems seem insignificant!

I look forward to helping you make a lifetime of memories too.


Custom travels are my passion

Love and beauty surround you in Santorini
Love and beauty surround you in Santorini

I am constantly in search of the newest hotels, ships, activities, restaurants and hidden treasures throughout the world.

The sense of discovery thrills me.

I travel a minimum of once quarterly to bring new ideas to my clients.

Each journey expands my knowledge so that I can share my passions to create memories for others.

I look forward to having the chance to share some of my knowledge and enthusiasm with you.


American Express Travel Insider
2017 GTM Elite/Top 120 Luxury Travel Specialist
2018 Travel Weekly Ambassador

My Reviews

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Christine Makes it Happen!

Reviewed By MJ NYC - New York, NY | Traveled to Greece ~ Europe
Yes it’s 2019, and there’s a million ways you can always book a trip online. There does come a time when you need expert knowledge and guidance, and that’s when..... thank God Christine is there for you. A true globetrotter who shares her experiences and knowledge with you to ensure you have all your bases covered. Christine is the consummate professional with a vibrate “make your dreams come true” attitude. I myself have travelled to over 60 countries, but it’s always quite amazing when I do need some advice Christine is there with all the answers. She’s a luxury cruise expert, and her global network of travel contacts is second to none. I highly recommend Christine for all of your luxury travel needs.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Excellent Helper with my Bucket-List!

Reviewed By StephenG - Pennsylvania | Traveled to Havana ~ Cuba ~ Caribbean
I have used Christine's service many times now (Caribbean/Cuba, Europe, SE-Asia, Polynesia, Galapagos, Persian-Gulf, etc..). She has a 'network' of connections throughout the world, and so can easily find a match to my travel plans (e.g. combining a stay on the Rio beach with a jaunt over to Iguaszu-Falls and then a cruise down the Amazon from Manaus. I have traveled extensively for work, and so do not always need help with 'simple' trips. But now that I am working down my bucket-list (90+ countries), Christine's wide expertise has proven VERY helpful, time and again.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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