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Dana Rice

Colleyville, Texas Travel Agent
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Magical Ireland

Ireland Castle

There are places in this world but only a handful of magical places.  Ireland belongs to the second category.  Apparently, that is not just my personal opinion.  How else would you explain a country with just under five million inhabitants and ten million annual foreign visitors?   In fact, as one of the three “I’s”, Italy, Iceland and Ireland, we in the travel industry recognize it is one of the hottest destinations in Europe the past few years.

The more you learn about the “Emerald Isle”, the easier this is to understand.   This well-known moniker derives from the rolling hills covered in lush greenery.   The variegated features include rivers and lakes, mountain ranges and inlets, cliffs and plains.  Some of the most endearing cities in the world are found in Ireland:  places like Dublin, Waterford, Killarney, Galway and Derry.  

Do you like history and archaeology?  You have struck pay dirt in Ireland.   Castles dot the Irish landscape like sprinkles on a red velvet cupcake.  They are everywhere you look and that’s no Blarney.  (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)   Do you like having your knowledge expanded and your horizons broadened without taking notes and minus the dread that accompanies a final exam?   If so, you will love the Waterford Crystal Factory Tour, the fascinating Skellig Experience (Google it, I promise it is not a dental procedure) and Titanic Belfast. 

Are you fond of savoring the occasional adult beverage?   You will stumble over (but only if you are overserved) quaint pubs and breweries on almost every street corner.  There is a reason the Irish are known for beer and whiskey.    Let’s not forget how friendly and welcoming the people are.  Because they speak English, even if it is not quite the American version, there are no Babble classes to take.   

If you are looking for a country that is replete with culture and devoid of culture shock, a place that will enrich your life without depleting your pocketbook, I am thinking Ireland may be the perfect destination for your next adventure.  I would consider it a considerable honor to help you create memories that will last a lifetime.


Certified ASTA Travel Agent

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