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Explore the Highlights of Great Britain

Iconic Buckingham Palace in London
Iconic Buckingham Palace in London

Great Britain holds many attractions for the curious traveler. The unforgettable cities, historic castles, and charming countryside are sure to captivate anyone - and there's no language barrier! Enjoy the bustling cobblestone streets wrapping around magnificent architecture, an indulgent afternoon of tea in a castle or escape to the quintessential countryside reminiscent of a Turner painting. And if you find yourself caught in the rain for an hour or two, escape to a corner of a cozy pub for a British pint or a Scottish whisky.  Here are some of my favorite highlights:

Royal History in London

A powerhouse of a city, London offers loads of opportunities to get an inside look at centuries of history. History abounds, with opportunities to view landmarks dating from the time of William the Conquerer to Henry VIII to World War II.  

In London there’s so much to see that there's a danger of being stuck in the tourist rut. My clients enjoy privately guided, exclusive experiences that take them beyond the obvious to get at the heart of the city - such as a personal invitation to view the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London to a foodie tour of the famed Borough Market - even afternoon tea with a real British aristocrat!

Visitors to London won't want to miss the Tower of London, Changing of the Guard, Westminster Abbey, the War Cabinet Rooms, Hampton Court Palace...the list goes on.  London is also famous for its top-notch hotels - a personal favorite is the Stafford, with its unbeatable central location and superb restaurant.

Still Mysterious: Stonehenge 

The curious and mystery-minded are drawn to witness Stonehenge with their own eyes in Salisbury Plain, southern England. The blank stone monuments that stand in a circular pattern remain a puzzle for archaeologists and historians alike, though best guesses suggest the site began to be erected sometime around 3000 BC. But why and what it was created for are questions still to be answered. A privately guided tour is the way to go when visiting this popular location as it can be very crowded.

The Spas of Bath

West of London, Bath is known for being the home of… well, baths. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and since the Roman times, Bath has offered natives and visitors the opportunity to soak in historic hot springs and baths. Clients can pre-book a spa day and spend time relaxing in the baths. But perhaps before settling into a soothing hot spring, you’ll want to check out the gorgeous Georgian architecture that was updated in the 18th century.

Bath also serves as a popular weekend getaway location for Londoners. Take advantage of the fabulous hotels the city boasts such as The Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa that is a part of the Royal Crescent, an iconic late-1700s architectural masterpiece consisting of 30 side-by-side houses. '

Elegant Yet Rustic: Edinburgh

Escaping north to Scotland gives a different perspective of the United Kingdom and allows for a new cultural experience. With a violent past and a mystical aura, Scotland showcases a more aggressive natural environment as it spans miles of uninhabited craggy countryside dotted with powerful cities such as Edinburgh on the east side and Glasgow on the west. Scotland is a treasure box full of generational lore and boasts the origins of artists, writers, intellectuals and warriors.

The city of Edinburgh is a great starting point - you'll be guaranteed to be wowed by the capital city’s rustic architecture and rugged location. Though outwardly Edinburgh appears impressive and intimidating, the Scots that live and run the streets and businesses are warm, welcoming, and ready to serve passionate stories. A must-see scene is the Edinburgh Castle, standing atop Castle Hill, which has served as a fortress since medieval times.  Take a take a personalized tour of the city to learn more about its complex  history and the characters that inhabited--or were imprisoned--inside.

Roam Princes Street to discover quirky shops and grand architecture. First built as a residential street, the major road is a bustling hub for visitors and natives alike. Finish your day by staying in castle hotels near the city, such as the 13th-century Dalhousie Castle Hotel. And of course, listening to the shrill of the bagpipes and enjoying a shim of true Scottish whisky is a cultural must before leaving Scotland.

The sounds, smells and flavors of Scotland are easily remembered and can serve as the most special souvenirs.

Contact me to schedule a complementary consultation and to beginning planning your customized visit or luxury cruise to the British Isles, incorporating additional highlights such as York, Cornwall, the Scottish Highlands, the Lakes District, and the Cotswolds!  

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