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The Magic of Italy

Enjoy an authentic Italian cappuccino!
Enjoy an authentic Italian cappuccino!

Italy packs quite a punch.  History, art, food and wine...and more - Italy has it all.  Are you considering visiting or revisiting Italy?  Learn about some not-to-be-missed sights and personalized experiences where you can indulge in La Dolce Vita of Italy!


Your travel journey to Italy should lead you to the country’s capital at least for a few days to really enjoy the sprawling historical city. Europe’s third-most visited city, Rome is widely associated with its deep religious and secular history as well as its impeccable art and architecture.

Because Rome is a heavily-traveled destination, bypassing the lines in Rome is a must when planning to visit famous features like the great Colosseum or the world-renowned Vatican City at the heart of Rome. My clients find themselves enjoying private guides through the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater built during the Roman empire, and get a closer look at the history behind gladiatorial combat and other events that took place here. Before or after hours tours are available for the Vatican, where my clients can have the opportunity to experience a less-trafficked immersion into Roman Catholic history.  Ask me more about making sure to visit the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, laden with Michelangelo's heavenly frescoes, or mural paintings, on the ceilings and walls.

Beyond the must-sees, don't miss the opportunity to experience intimate, private tours or activities in Rome like exploring food markets and wine tastings that could translate into personal cooking classes. Learn to recreate these Italian masterpiece recipes, an ultimate souvenir to take home with you and enjoy for a lifetime.


No, you won’t find your hotel floating down the canals in Venice, but you might be surprised to learn that Venice was truly built on the water. The intricate walking roads, basilicas and buildings were crafted on top of wooden platforms supported by hardwood beams in the Venetian Lagoon, creating a space where the Venetian population could escape permanently from mainland during barbaric raids in 5th century AD. Today Venice is famous for its picturesque canals, a primary route of transportation resulting in an absence of vehicles, and its memorable seaside atmosphere.

I’m a big fan of Venice’s luxury hotels, such as the Belmond Hotel Cipriani, a perfect place to enjoy lagoon sunsets, cooler temperatures in the summer, and serves as a haven away from the bustle of touristy areas.

Get more out of Venice than a simple gondola ride on the Grand Canal. You can enjoy a true Bellini cocktail at the drink’s origin and explore glass blowing and lace handicraft art on nearby islands Burano and Murano. In St. Mark’s square, sit awhile for a patio dinner accompanied by live music that echoes through complex architecture. Your eye will certainly be drawn to the towering St. Mark’s Basilica that stands powerfully graceful and yearns to be discovered on a more intimate level by its onlookers.


Art that has lived hundreds of lifetimes finds a home in Florence, sprinkled throughout the neat city and also featured at the Uffizi Gallery and Galleria dell’Academia, two places you’ll be grateful to visit with a guide who will put the masterpieces in context.  Most artistically notable in Florence, you have the chance to meet David up-close. Although you won’t be able to shake his hand at the Galleria dell’Academia, you can come face-to-face with the nearly 17-foot-tall statue constructed by the distinguished Rennaissance artist Michelangelo.

And following a day of viewing original paintings and statues, you can enjoy watching leather-making art come to life on an up-close visit to a workshop.

The architecture is not to be missed as well. Skip the line again and get inside the recognized red-domed Duomo - Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. Find your way to the top of the terraces and see Florence from a new perspective.


Take a vacation during your vacation in a place farther from the touristy cities by visiting the more tropical region of Puglia. Nestled in the “heel” of Italy’s “boot”, this location provides a coastal getaway and surrounds you with beautiful white-washed towns on high cliffs similar to those you’d find in Greece. Here you’ll discover hidden piazzas, museums to tour, and locally-sourced seafood to enjoy after a day at the beach.

Are you looking for a travel advisor who possesses the expertise, intuition, insider knowledge, and connections to turn your vacation into the trip of a lifetime? As a specialist in tailor-made European vacations, luxury boutique hotels, and luxury cruises, I open new doors to discerning travelers like you. Contact me, and together, let's play your Italian venture!

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