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Four Myths about World Cruises

Set sail for a world cruise
Set sail for a world cruise

Four Myths about World Cruises

Does the idea of circling the globe for three to four months on a luxury cruise ship sound like your idea of the journey of a lifetime?  Or, does it sound more like something that would never work for you?  Since Phileas Fogg traveled Around the World in 80 Days in the famous Jules Verne novel, the idea of circumnavigating the globe has been part of our popular culture.  The first world cruise departed in 1922, and each year, over a dozen ships circle the globe to give their lucky passengers the experience of a lifetime. 

There are many myths about world cruising, and the purpose of this post is to bust a few of them, and show you that perhaps it might be worth keeping room on your bucket list for one! 

Myth 1:  World Cruises are Only for the Uber Rich 

While the overall dollar amount of a world cruise is indeed high, the value quotient it represents is even higher.  A good exercise to understand this is to sit down and make a list of all of your monthly expenses for four months, then subtract out the cost of the cruise.  Then, make a list of what you’ll receive on a cruise, from the itinerary to the meals, sightseeing, entertainment, and more.  Think about how much that would cost you to do it home.  A world cruise isn’t free, but when you evaluate it in the light of expenses you won’t incur by being at home and the value of the experiences received, you might be surprised. 

Myth 2:  World Cruises are Only for the Elderly 

The world cruiser profile is changing.  Single travelers, younger people, and couples are starting to embrace world cruises.  The camaraderie onboard, unique blend of traditional and exotic destinations, and the ability to stay in touch with home are making world cruises attractive to an entirely new demographic.  Rather than being floating assisted living facilities, world cruises today are filled with interesting, well-traveled people who thrive on the opportunity to see new destinations, make new friends, and do it all in style. 

Myth 3:  You’ll Only go Once 

As it turns out, once isn’t enough for most world cruisers.  Many people get hooked on the experience, and go back year after year.  For some, a world cruise becomes the equivalent of a second home in a better climate.  Each year, cruise lines shake up their itineraries so that no two world cruises are ever alike.  Staff become friends, and the repeat rate for world cruisers is above 80%. 

Myth 4:  I Can’t Get Away for Long Enough 

Most world cruises do last three to four months, and many people are rightly apprehensive about being gone for that length of time.  Yet, many also think nothing of heading south for three to four months in the winter.  Technology enables world cruisers to stay connected with home, and even those who aren’t fully retired can stay connected to their workplace and family.   Or, do what many world cruisers do, and invite your friends and families to join you for part of the cruise!  If you’ve always wanted to show your kids of grandchildren the world, what better way than for them to meet you in a distant port, discover the world together, then head home when their vacation time is up.

Most world cruises also offer you the option to join the ship on a shorter segment of the voyage.  If you're apprehensive about a full world cruise, this can be a great way to dip your toes.  I predict that you'll quickly find that you're ready to make the leap into a full world cruise before your first segment voyage is over!

 Because of the length of time and cost involved, the decision-making process for a world cruise is more involved than is typical for a vacation.  Everyone has legitimate fears and concerns that it might not be right for them.  Yet, I’ve yet to encounter a returned world cruiser who hasn’t been grateful that they took the leap and made the decision to try – and more often than not, they’re ready to book again! 

Are you considering a world cruise, and want to talk with someone with deep expertise?  Please contact me to schedule a complimentary planning consultation, and we’ll get started choosing the right option for you!

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