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Deborah Brown

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Make a Wish: Extraordinary Birthdays

Who: Lisa Rogers

Where: World Wide 

Each year as a person’s birthday nears, they start to decide what kind of cake to have not what exotic destination to celebrate it in. For more than five years, Lisa Rodgers has celebrated her birthday in style by packing her bags and jetting setting to a tropical location with a group friends ranging from 8 to 50 people.

We sat down with Lisa to ask her, “With all the different things you can do for your birthday, why do you prefer to take trips out of the country?”

According to Lisa, “I do have a party weekend here in Houston where we party for three days, but getting away from the city with no phones....it’s just fun. From the Paradisus La Perla, The Royal Playa del Carmen, or going on a cruise; the list goes on. Working with an Almeda Travel advisor has allowed my celebrations to get bigger each year.”

Lisa prefers the all inclusive hotels, why? “That’s a no brainer; nobody has to bring any money! At the Paradisus La Perla ,we didn’t leave the property for anything because it was that nice. We didn’t even do any water sports, because we enjoyed sitting around the pool just drinking, eating, lounging, and having a great time with each other.”

Lisa’s Almeda Travel advisor booked the group on the “Royal” side of the hotel, where the resort offers premium liquor. “That’s now becoming apart of the selection process in booking an all-inclusive hotel for the trip. We want to make sure that they have a premium liquor option”, said Lisa.

To assist Almeda Travel clients with planning a birthday celebration of their own, we wanted to know the answers to the top three questions:

How do you select the location?

“I sit down with my Almeda Travel Advisor to help decide where I want to go and he pulls a few brochures according to what we may like. I look at what appeals to me visually and then I look at the amenities the hotel has to offer. I also look for the all adult properties. That narrows it downs to where we will go, because there are not a lot of all adult hotels out there. We prefer no noise from children, because we are loud enough on our own. We have done trips in the past where children came with us and it didn’t go over too well. After that, we decided that we wanted adult only trips.”

How do you motivate people to come on the trip every year?

"I’m a person where everything is visual for me, so I research everything about the hotel which that’s both good and bad. If you read a bunch of negative things, then you look for the negative. I study reviews because I like to know what resort restaurants people are saying is good and send some of the positive reviews to my group. I also pull pictures that people have posted on the reviews, from regular people just like us. I post them on Instagram to get people excited about going. People go crazy over the pictures and that sparks other people’s interest and people want to know where we’re going.” 

How do you get people to make the payments?

Lisa confessed, “It’s not easy! I usually set a scheduled date for everyone to make their payment on the tenth of every month, starting about 6 to 7 months in advance. That way the cost of the trip is broken down into smaller payments, instead of paying one big lump sum. That’s one of the advantages of booking with Almeda Travel, payment plans.”

Celebrate your next birthday in style. Why just have birthday cake when you can have fun, sun, and relaxation too?!!?


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