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Unique Destination Weddings in Jamaica

Definitely unique...scary, but unique!
Definitely unique...scary, but unique!
Are you asking yourself, “If we are not a beach couple, what does Jamaica have to offer us for our destination wedding?” This beautiful Caribbean island with her pristine beaches and crystal clear, turquoise water is so much more than flower draped wedding gazebos jutting out into the Caribbean Sea. Jamaica might very well be one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean for unique wedding venues and her ease for saying “I do.”

Does your love happen to be golf, adventure, flora and fauna, mountains, waterfalls, sea life, scuba, or maybe an experience specific to only certain parts of the world? If you want to wander further into the best kept secrets in the Caribbean come with me and prepare to be amazed.

Have you heard of the Blue Mountains, Fern Gully, Cinnamon Hills Golf Course, Bioluminescent Bay or Mystic Mountain? Well, they are all in Jamaica and maybe just maybe one might be the perfect destination wedding for the two of you. And “no worries” as they say in Jamaica if none of these ideas sounds perfect to you. Remember this is just a sampling of what Jamaica has to offer.

The Blue Mountains are the jewel of nature that gives Jamaica both her long expansive beaches and her small cove, private beach areas. So think of the Blue Mountains as the designers of the Jamaican coastline. Where they taper off, the coast offers long beach walks, where they are most majestic and proud, the beaches are small, and cove like, offering privacy from the paparazzi and some of the most perfect opportunity for a diversity when it comes to choosing your destination wedding location.

The curvy bikeways of the Jamaican Blue Mountains are where it seems Mother Nature can’t make up her mind. Around every corner there seems to be a change in weather. Sunny, drizzly mist, cool, steamy and then it’s sunny again, and, along the way some of the most dramatic views of valleys, vistas and the sea. If you love the mountains or the mountains and the sea as a combination, there is for certain a perfect location within the Jamaican natural treasure of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains.

Fern Gully is a fairy like piece of Jamaica, where ferns rule! The flora and fauna here are nourished by the rainforest environment of the Blue Mountains. A bit of a twisty road from Ocho Rios, the interesting conversations that Fern Gully cultivates is that there are so many flora and fauna locations within the island of Jamaica for nature lovers. Some are just an off the roadside location of an old botanical garden, or maybe within a resort like Sandals Ochi Beach Resort who was once a botanical garden. Sandals Ochi Beach Resort is a perfect example of a Jamaican resort with a secret. Surprisingly enough most guests don’t book this resort for her botanical beauty or her streams and waterfall, most book her simply because she is a Sandals Resort.

Jamaica has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the Caribbean, so if your wedding dream puts you on the green saying, “I do” Jamaica has the green for you. I am not a golfer by any stretch of the imagination, but I love the absolute beauty of a golf course. In Ocho Rios, there is a course that I would say is the “home” to one of the most majestic trees on the island. I say this since the tree was there long before the greens and fairways of Sandals Golf & Country Club in Ocho Rios. If it’s possible for “wisdom” to flow from a tree, it flows from this one. She is definitely the perfect gem of nature to have watch over you as you say, “I do”.

Did you know that Jamaica is home to one of the worlds’ limited number of Bioluminescent Bays? I purposely didn’t give the exact number, because it doesn’t appear there is an exact number, but what’s important I believe is that you can find it in Jamaica. Luminescent bays are where the fireflies of the sea call home. If possible to plan your visit on a night closes to the New Moon lunar phase. Just like the stars in the sky, fireflies in the sea shine their brightest when the night sky is the darkest.

Are you true adventure wedding couples feeling left out? Is all of this just a bit too tame for you? Don’t worry, I haven’t finished yet. Jamaica has plenty of adventure for you. Mystic Mountain is home to the Jamaican bobsled ride, zip lining and a hilltop waterslide into a sparkling pool. It’s at the top that that all these adventures await you, but I believe, its’ how you get to the top, that sets this location apart from others.
Gliding kite like above and through the trees, the ski lift at Mystic Mountain carries you up, up and away to the top of the mountain, with the Caribbean Sea behind you, the Blue Mountains in front of you, and treetops below its’ the perfect opportunity to take in the moments of the day ahead. Listen, to the quiet. Only the two of you, what you say to the other here is truthfully a secret. I can’t imagine a better place to reflect as a couple the moments before you say, “I do.”?

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