Angie Ryan

Frisco, Texas Travel Agent
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Angie Ryan

Frisco, Texas Travel Agent
An independent agent with Travel Leaders in Albertville, MN
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Whoa Clyde!

The last thing on earth I would have imagined myself doing was riding on a camel. And yet, there I was, in Eqypt, riding a camel!

This is just one of the many wonderful experiences I've had while on a cruise. Here is a recap of my day in Eqypt, still one of the highlights of all my travel experiences.

We first visited the Cairo Museum. We then went to the Pyramids, something that takes your breath away. We continued on to see the famous Sphinx. Next we loaded onto dune buggy-like vehicles for a ride through the desert to the place where camels are kept. Best we could tell, they are just kept out in the desert.

Our guides assigned each of us to a camel, and these camels have names such as Michael Jackson (my husband's) and Clyde (mine). They explain to you that camels kneel down so you can mount them, and stressed that you must lean back when they stand up, because their hindquarters rise first, tossing anyone not leaning back forward and onto the ground (which is a long way down). What they didn't tell us about was the smell and the drool and the sounds they make.

Unbelievable as it was, we took off for a desert trek on our two camels, Michael Jackson and Clyde. We rode these beasts for an hour back into town with the pryamids, Sphinx, desert and ocean in view the whole time.

This was a day that you can only dream of, where everything you did was surreal.

Back at our ship we marveled at the entire experience. It's a day we will never, ever forget.

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