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Susan Tindell

Rice Lake, Wisconsin Travel Agent
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Susan Tindell

Susan Tindell

Rice Lake, Wisconsin Travel Agent
A Full-Service Travel Leaders Associate Agency
Years of Experience: 25+
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All My Travel Experiences

LeBlanc infinity pool to die for!

Mexico travel during Covid19

It had been six months since my last trip, which has to be a record for my three decades-plus in the travel industry, so it was with great anticipation that I embarked on a visit to Mexico earlier this month. Along with several of my colleagues from travel agencies in the... Read more from my Mexico travel during Covid19 story.


Journey to the Hashemite Kingdom

The official name of our host country is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Hashemites are the ruling family of Jordan, who can trace their lineage back to Hashim ibn Abd Manaf, the great-grandfather of Islam's prophet, Muhammad. Hashemite leaders were at the forefront of the Arab Revolt of 1916, when... Read more from my Journey to the Hashemite Kingdom story.

And so it begins!

Trekking in the Andes!

 A couple years ago, I was reading the latest issue of Men's Journal magazine, which focuses on exploring the great outdoors. They always feature articles about adventure travel, and one of them caught my eye. Sue and I had been talking about taking an adventure trip to jointly celebrate our 60th... Read more from my Trekking in the Andes! story.

Saigon in her beauty by night!

The land of the Blue Dragon

Like every American of my generation, I'd grown up with the Vietnam War, when everything we heard about that exotic land was associated with conflict and destruction. But the war ended more than 40 years ago, and ever since, I'd been curious. What is Vietnam like today? What are its people... Read more from my The land of the Blue Dragon story.

Your home away from home!

Paradise in Tikehau

Maeva! Welcome Here is one of the Pacific's best-kept secrets, an atoll dear to the heart of Polynesians for its preserved beauty : suspended between sky and waves, Tikehau is a crown of coral islets that form an exceptional, 26-km long lagoon. In the language of the Tuamotu, Tikehau means "peaceful... Read more from my Paradise in Tikehau story.

Beach wedding at Secrets Silversands

Destination Wedding Trip to Mexico and beyond!

The joy of traveling and learning about the beautiful Destination Weddings that are available in areas of the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel! I recently spent 7 days in this region touring 13 AMR resorts and discovering all that they have to offer for your special wedding. Each one... Read more from my Destination Wedding Trip to Mexico and beyond! story.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

After breakfast we headed to Victoria Falls, an excursion included in our package. The first European explorers heard the native name, used by the Kololo tribe: Mosi-oa-Tunya, which translates as "the smoke that thunders". Over 500 million cubic meters of water go over the falls every minute, over a... Read more from my Victoria Falls story.
Enjoy lunch on the Chobe River!

Chobe River in Africa

Our next flight was a bit longer, an hour and twenty minutes to Kasane, an actual airport. Our other stops at the camps saw us landing on airstrips in the bush. We were met by Ali, our new guide, from Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero. We were now deep in the wilderness of... Read more from my Chobe River in Africa story.

Penquins everywhere!

Penquins at the Boulder Colony

Boulders Penguin Colony in Simons Town is home to a unique and endangered land-based colony of African Penguins. This colony is one of only a few in the world, and the site has become famous and a popular international tourist destination. The Boulders section of TMNP consists of 3... Read more from my Penquins at the Boulder Colony story.
Sting rays are very curious...

Swimming with Rays and Sharks-Bora Bora

We had a delicious lunch at the Hilton with an amazing ice cream dessert using the famous Tahiti vanilla. Then, you guessed it, back on the ferry, but this time it wasn't for another site inspection. Our boat was provided by Moana Adventures and took us to Faanui Bay, across from... Read more from my Swimming with Rays and Sharks-Bora Bora story.
Church of the Annunciation

City of Nazareth

Our final stop on this day is the city of Nazareth, so we head east back up into the hills, about 25km from the Sea of Galilee. Again, Hollywood has failed us; instead of a dusty little village in the desert, Nazareth was built on the hills. Today it is a... Read more from my City of Nazareth story.

Great pyramids as we approach..

The Great Pyramids of Egypt

These structures are truly engineering marvels. About 455 feet tall, the Great Pyramid was built so well that the four sides of its base have an average error of only 58 millimeters in length. The base is horizontal and flat to within 21 millimeters. The sides of the square base are... Read more from my The Great Pyramids of Egypt story.

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