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Nicole Anderson

Fort Collins, Colorado Travel Agent
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Interning in London

US VS Brazil Men's Volleyball 2012 Summer Olympics
US VS Brazil Men's Volleyball 2012 Summer Olympics

Before my time interning in London, I spent three days over in Paris. I took the Eurostar through the Chunnel to London. I thought it would be cooler. It’s literally dark most of the time. I don’t know why I expected the tunnel to be transparent to see all of the fishies. Silly, I know.

When I got in, I grabbed a taxi. I shouldn’t have. I should have looked at a map of how close St. Pancras Train Station was to my student living. It was literally one block. The cabbie wasn’t happy that I stole him away for a one block travel. Luckily I was wearing my boot (I had hurt my right leg before the trip) and told him my bag is super huge and I have a boot on and I can’t really walk that far. He lightened up immediately. Another girl did the same thing, except she didn’t have a boot and she didn’t have cash, only card. The cabbie was really not pleased with her! So, tip: if it’s nearby; WALK.

Anyway, I checked in and our room wasn’t ready yet. So we just sat in the lobby and waited. Everyone went to grab lunch except me because I was so tired and I wasn’t even hungry anyway.

Later that day we all introduced ourselves in a classroom and then took a small bus tour of London to see some of the major sites. We were all over it because it had been such a long day already. We just wanted to sleep before our internships started the next day.

So, fast forward to the internship part. I worked for a domestic violence non-profit doing fundraising, reception work, human resources, and management. My favorite was fundraising. I created a nice brochure that they loved and said they would probably use a template for future brochures.

But then I also got the opportunity to do a training class for peers. Basically what happens is you learn how to be someone’s peer while they are living in a refuge to slowly reintroduce them into society. We weren’t supposed to be friends. Just someone to help them not feel alone and go out to coffee or tea. Obviously, I never actually got to be a peer as this was towards the end of my internship, but I did get to do one other big project.

This one was very eye opening. A magazine had contacted us to get a few women that have or had still been using our services that would like to participate by telling their stories. They would keep them anonymous or change their names and publish it into their magazine. There were so many incredible stories of women who had been abused, had their whole lives turned around, were still in the early stages of recovery, or had gotten themselves into another abusive situation.

Enough of the internship though.

For my time in London, we did a few day trips here and there with the group, including Stonehenge, Bath, Brighton, and weekends where we all got together at the pubs.

I was also lucky enough to watch Wimbledon during the second day of the second week of the tournament. We didn’t buy a huge ticket where we got onto the first couple courts, but we did buy a general grounds ticket.

And because it was 2012, There were also quite a bit of things going on in relation to the Olympics! We got see the torch be passed in London and lit in Hyde Park as well as the concert for the Olympics with Dizzee Rascal headling. Though I have to say my favorite performers were Rizzle Kicks and Wretch 32 (seriously check them out).

And for the big finale, we snagged tickets to watch Men’s Volleyball USA vs Brazil (and no we had no idea what was going on, but we went to the Olympics so…)

But my three favorite things we did in London were going to Greenwich to the market and Royal Navy College, the free museums (specifically the V&A museum), and the Tower of London! I highly suggest them!

Living in London was one of my most favorite adventures I had ever had. I was so glad to have the experience I did, and London quickly became one of my top three cities! ?

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