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Jill Paxton

Canton, Georgia Travel Agent
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Jill Paxton

Jill Paxton

Canton, Georgia Travel Agent
An independent agent with Vacation With The Magic, LLC in Acton, MA, a Travel Leaders Network affiliate agency
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Carribean, Mexico & Disney Travel Specialist

Some vacations are powerful enough to change our lives in beautiful ways. I’ll never forget going with my husband and two children to Disney World and seeing their faces light up from all of the magic. Everything came together perfectly, and not only did we have a magnificent time, but it inspired me to become a travel agent as well!

Since then, I have helped families and groups go on relaxing vacations around the world! I specialize in the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, and Disney parks and cruises. As your travel agent, I will:

  • Provide the best personalized options
  • Prepare you for your trip
  • Provide 24/7 assistance
  • And more!

There are endless options for your trip, but I will help you navigate the vast booking system so you get a personalized and special vacation. With firsthand and professional experience, I know how to find amazing resorts, cruise routes, and local activities that are otherwise easy to miss. I will get you prepared for your trip from day one so you never have moments of doubt or worries.

Many travelers get anxious before departure, but I will calm your nerves by having everything taken care of well in advance. I know how to structure an itinerary so you have equal time for relaxation and adventure. You shouldn’t have to miss out on amazing opportunities because of a long changeover, and I will make sure you get the most out of your vacation.

The magic of Disney is unmatched, and I love helping families and groups experience the greatest Disney vacations! From cruises to park resorts, Disney has something wonderful for travelers of all ages!

I moved with my family to Bermuda for two years, and the experience taught us so much about the importance of traveling. It opened our eyes to a new culture, and it showed our home in a new light as well. Seeing the world inspired me to share it with others, and being in the travel industry is the best way to do it! I want to make your next vacation unforgettable.

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Certified ASTA Travel Agent